Friday, December 23, 2011

Romanum Winter Wonderland

Club Romanum's Winter Wonderland Event Area
for the Winter Season 2011-2012!! Get bundled up warm and
stop by!

Join DJ Drey as he spins some hot dance trax for your enjoyment.  $L 1,000 on the Board for Sexiest Leather Holiday Wear.  Timmy will be hosting and our Hot n Horny Dancers Colt and NoRee.  Hop on to the Attached Holiday Sleigh and Join the Fun here at Romanum Winter Wonderland.

[2011/12/22 20:00] Bear Magnifico Zong (bear.magnifico): 2nd Hour Sexiest Leather Holiday @ Romanum WInter Wonderland 7-9pm SLT
Bacchus 2100 (12,113,23)