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Paris 1900

The motto of Paris 1900 : ART, FASHION, ROMANTICISM.
Many art galleries are located here : don't hesitate to visit them ! 
Discover the wonderful creations of designers ! 
Walk with your beloved !

Return to Paris circa 1900, a time when romance and revolution were in the air and the Moulin Rouge was the hottest ticket in town. Rent a car and stop by some of the city's greatest landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Le Arc de Triomph, and the Great Ferris Wheel just as they were at the turn of the century.

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Paris 1900 ~ Moulin rouge ~ Champs Elysees , Paris 1900 - Moderate

**Plan de Paris**

Plan De Paris

1. Theatre Sarah Bernhardt
the SARAH BERNHARDT THEATER where the famous actress was at the top of her talent.
In the heart of the magnificent and quite sparkling Sarah Bernhardt Theater, a fantastic story will be told.  A poetic and charming world where geniuses and beauties cross themselves because "  once upon a time, in distant parts of the country, very beautiful young  princesses..... " ect. (More info)

2. Moulin Rouge
The famous MOULIN ROUGE, the most popular place of entertainment in Paris where the French Cancan was invented! (More info)

3. Tour Eiffel
The Eiffel Tower is an iron tower built during 1887-1889 on the Champ de Mars beside the Seine River. The tower has become a global icon of France and is one of the most recognizable structures in the world. (More info)

4. Victor Hugo's House (Maison Victor Hugo)
VICTOR HUGO's house. Take the time to visit the place where the great French writer created his works or rested. (More info)

5. Carousel 1900
Carrousel de Paris 1900. You can also admire the CARROUSEL, the only one on SL where wood horses work with such a realism. (More info)

6. Grande Roue
the FERRIS WHEEL, the largest Ferris Wheel working in SL. (More info)

9. Cathédrale Notre-Dame
The famous NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS CATHEDRAL which was 850 years old in 2013.
It's possible to get married in... An information note is available by clicking on the picture at the entrance to the cathedral. (More info)

12. Arc de Triomphe
The build of this constructions was ordered by Napoleon the First for the glory of the French armies. After the battle of Austerlitz, Napoleon told the soldiers: " you will go into your homes only under triumphal arches " and he ordered the building of the bow on February 18th, 1806: his initial aim was to make the point of departure of a triumphant avenue crossing in particular the Louvre and the square of the Bastille. (More info)

16. Galerie des Machines
The Galerie des machines (officially Palais des machines) was a pavilion built for the Exposition Universelle (1889) in Paris. Located in the Grenelle district, the huge pavilion was made of iron, steel and glass. (More info)

17. Bercy
The Paris Bercy Omnisports  Palace on Second Life. (Soon renamed Bercy Arena RL). Covers of Mylène Farmer shows in Second Life, by a talented and motivated fan and his team. Unique. (More info)

1. Gallery Gedenspire in Paris 1900
Gallery Gedenspire in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower in Paris 1900, Paris Eiffel (129, 164, 22), curated by Bianca Xavorin and Walter Gedenspire - currently the home gallery of the gifted and accomplished  Artist Bianca Xavorin (More info)

3. Galerie CendreDeLune
He was an Austrian painter. A protégé of Gustav Klimt, Schiele was a major figurative painter of the early 20th century. His work is noted for its intensity, and the many self-portraits and provocative nudes the artist produced. The twisted body shapes and the expressive line that characterize Schiele's paintings and drawings mark the artist as an early exponent of Expressionism.
Egon and his pregnant wife died in 1918 from Spanish flu epidemic which decimated Europa. (More info)

4. Postes et Télégraphes
Posts and Telegraphs in Paris 1900 (More info)

le LAPIN AGILE, famous parisian guinguette located on the Butte Montmartre.

le Lapin Agile built by DARCY MOKEEV, who is a real and SL wellknown artist.
EVERY SUNDAY from 8 to 10 am SLT, Darcy sings and invites you to a dancing party in the "Guinguette" atmosphere.

the GREAT LIBRARY... converted into an Art Gallery ... Don't hesitate to stop to visit...

If you'd like to organize a PRIVATE PARTY in one of the beautiful buildings in Paris 1900, it's easy !
Contact : DameLessage Igaly

the Guinguette "CHEZ LAURETTE" created as a tribute to Michel Delpech passed away in early 2016.

If you want to come at Paris, rent a shop, an apartment or a villa, feel free to contact Netpat Iglay or DameLessage Igaly :)

the BATIGNOLLES THEATER built in 1838 by the architect Azemaret... In 1907, the most famous actors interpret the greatest texts there : Sacha Guitry, Leo Delibes or Edwige Feuillere.
It is classified as "Historic Monument" in 1974.

the FOUNTAIN OF THE INNOCENTS, first called fountain of the nymphs, located in the Halles district.
It was built in 1548 under the reign of Henry II by the architect Pierre Lescot, decoration and sculptures by Jean Goujon. It is a listed "Historical Monument" since 1862

the PASSAGE LATHUILLE, famous for its CAFE GUERBOIS which was a place of meetings and exchanges between art painters, writers and art lovers at the end of the nineteenth century.

a market scene as it could have taken place there over 100 years... and farther, the house of the Brigade Mobile that you can visit !

the MOULIN DE LA GALETTE... In fact, there are two on the Butte Montmartre. It was a famous Guinguette.
Here, it is an exhibition place we strongly recommend you to visit

In 1910, the innkeeper Stein moved to 100 boulevard de Clichy and opens the cabaret "la Truie qui file"...
It was quickly replaced by "l'Araignée" and the "Porc-Epic", then the "Épatant" and finally  the "TAVERNE DES TRUANDS", you can see a reconstruction on the left...

a typical 1900's Parisian square, a great place to stroll, dream or talk.

On the right side after the bus stop, NETPAT IGALY'S SHOP who is the owner of Paris1900 sims, builder and scripter.
You can also find his creations on Market Place :

the most famous and beautiful avenue in the world : the Champs-Elysees !

the INFORMATION CENTER where you can find all necessary information about Paris 1900

the entrance to the Metropolitan that leads you to the famous CATACOMBS. Visit them ! It is the place to discover if you like to thrill !

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While you travel on this beautiful avenue, take a look on each side where you can see the shops of the most famous SL designers.
Don't hesitate to climb down the streetcar to visit shops : another trolley will come in few minutes to continue the visit.

 the ARC DE TRIOMPHE which was built on orders of Napoleon the 1st in 1806.
In-world, it was built by the famous creator Fffred Auer and we highly recommend to visit her sim Eldalote.

 the Paris 2000 sim attached to the Paris 1900 estate two years ago. Notice that the tram is now modern !

Creators, designers, artists, you are welcome ! If you want to get a shop on Paris, feel free to CONTACT Netpat Iglay or DameLessage Igaly :)

Currently you're traveling by tram, but you can also travel by taxi, carriage rides, promenade, driving a car, rafting in Catacombs, zipline over Paris' roofs, bike or subway

the PLACE DE L'ETOILE, on the boundary of several districts and the center of which stands the Arc de Triomphe. In 1970, it was renamed Place Charles de Gaulle. Twelve large straight avenues reach this place and draw a star.

the famous Parisian department store BAZAR DE L'HOTEL DE VILLE, the "BHV". It was built in 1856 by Xavier Ruel.

the LUXURY GIFTS shop in which major designers generously offer some of their creations.

the famous MAXIM'S is a venue enjoyed by "le tout-Paris" of the Belle Époque and attracts all the elite of French gallantry, royalty and fortunated people..

the famous LOUVRE MUSEUM on your left hand. Stop to the next station to discover some great artists work.

the SAMARITAINE, retaill store located in Paris, founded in 1870 by Ernest Cognacq. It is listed as a Historic Monument.
Rose RFB Morpork installed there her amazing creations.

Permanent exhibitions of our great artists are organized in the Louvre Museum. Feel free to come back regularly :)

the JEU DE PAUME which is an Art Gallery.
Rose Morpok organizes there a lot of successfully exhibitions. Feel free to visit !

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 the Galerie des Machines in which art exhibitions are regularly organized.
ART EXHIBITIONS are spread over all Paris sims. Stop in the galleries to enjoy works of artists.

the store "La Série d'Artiste" in which Rose Morpork sells gorgeous gowns specially created drawing on artists exhibited at the Jeu de Paume.

the FERRIS WHEEL, the largest Ferris Wheel working in SL.

**Les Monuments the Paris 1900**

A la découverte de Paris 1900
"A la découverte de Paris 1900"  is a francophone community that gathers around Paris capital of romance, art and fashion.
Feel the spirit of the 1900s in Paris, charm, romance, fashion, titis and taverns.

- Be aware of events in paris 1900