Monday, January 8, 2018

The Library (ASMR Only)

Welcome to The Library! Express yourself, but do it quietly. Come play games and mingle. The Library welcomes ASMR and voice (or just typing, too).

Lost Spirits Retreat

Lost Spirits Retreat is a relaxing sim that is oriented towards those that want to spend time with nature and their horse.

The Feast of Kings - Buckingham Palace

Feast of Kings

You are cordially invited to dinner at Buckingham Palace. Come explore the state rooms and gardens. Enjoy a meal in the state dining room just in time for the Feast of the Three Kings.

Bird People by Cica Ghost

''We are all living in cages with the door wide open." - George Lucas

Location: Imagine Hall

A Snowflake Dream

A snowflake dream is where you feel trapped in winter slowly making everything around you feel like an oblivion. You just have to survive the winter.

Cece's Secret

Winter has come to a place you've never seen. It's Cece's Secret. Come enjoy this photogenic White Christmas dream and let your mind wander. Sometimes dreams do come true!

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