Thursday, November 23, 2017

Unicorns and Wild Flowers

Landsale Islands for sale! Landprice is first week tier!, Cool Atoll - Moderate

Haunted New Toulouse II

Meet the ghosts of New Toulouse, Louisiana! Wearing your HUD, find all 20 ghosts and hear their stories, and then collect your rewards. Start by picking up your ghost hunter's kit at the Beacon Spiritualist Institute, 23 Nightingale Street. This Basin Street Irregulars event runs until December 5. More information at

Current home of the Beacon Spiritualist Institute's 1917 Spectral Activity Survey

Location: New Toulouse
New Toulouse, New Toulouse - Moderate

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Dreamers at Berg by Nordan Art Video

Location: Nordan om Jorden
Berg by Nordan Art, Nordan om Jorden - Moderate

Prehistorica - Announcing a new event at Dawn Kingdom

 ***Announcing a new event at Dawn Kingdom***

Come and listen to a reading in voice of the novel that started it all. "Jurassic Park" by Michael Crichton. Rollo Tomasi will  read the entire novel in installments in the dinosaur graveyard in the Cretaceous Canyon section of Dawn Kingdoms sim every Sunday at 3:30 pm slt starting March 26, 2017. 

Directions: from the main store follow the yellow arrows to the time portal, then enter the Cretaceous Canyon portal and find the dinosaur bone yard near the volcano.

Prehistorica ~ The Dawn Kingdoms ~ Dinosaur  & Dragon Avatars!, Fort Nowhere - Moderate

The Dreamers at Berg by Nordan Art

The Dreamers by Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu is currently on exhibition at Berg by Nordan Art. This installation addresses refusal to accept violence and the desire to maintain beauty and tenderness. The region windlight is recommended for optimal experience. Free dreamer avatars are available at landing.

Location: Nordan om Jorden
Berg by Nordan Art, Nordan om Jorden - Moderate

Welcome to The Dreamers, an installation by Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu. Free Dreamer Avatars, as well as information about installation (click poster), available at landing.

Thanksgiving Traditions Hunt 2017

Botanica Holiday Home & Garden, Merlin Gardens - General

Thanksgiving Traditions Hunt

An amazing thing happens every November. One day of the year, Americans who can’t agree on anything will sit down to the same type of meal all across the country and together with friends and family remember their common roots, ideals and give thanks. Enjoy a holiday feast and learn about the Thanksgiving traditions that bring together family and friends in the spirit of gratitude at Botanica’s Café Americana.

The store for Autumn, Thankgiving, winter decorations & party Supply.  Broom Racing Course.  Tarot fortune telling. Christmas Tree hall.  Fun interactive creations. Low Prim, Low Price, Low Lag. Plants, Gardens, Farm Supply

Location: Merlin Gardens
Botanica Holiday Home & Garden, Merlin Gardens - General