Saturday, March 31, 2018

Hidalgo County, Texas

Hidalgo County, Texas

The sound of spurs rings across the dusty, desert landscape, aflame with rose-colored hues of sun and rock. Listen for the rattle of a snake, the beat of Comanche drums and relentless horses hooves that bring the Wild West back to life. Western role-play in Second Life has been reborn in Hidalgo, Texas! Mingle with Texas Rangers, Banditos, Soiled Doves and Comanche!

ImagineNations, Hidalgo Canyon - Adult

Re:Japonica video


Re:Japonica is a cultural-themed shopping event that will amaze visitors with the variety of items and attention to historical detail. The main theme, "Japonism", focuses on Japanese culture before the Meiji period, circa 1868. Traditional Japanese designs are reflected in every item, whether it's clothing for men or women, hairstyles, tattoos, props and more. The event ends April 7.

:::Location :::BAROQUED:::, BAROQUED - Adult

Re: Japonica Video



Inspired by Portofino Italia, this beautiful destination is a wonderful experience for visitors to explore. Rentals are available on the main street and hills of this scenic Italian landscape. There is plenty of open water for everyone to sail their boats, and boat slips are available. Whether it's by land or sea, come and enjoy the romantic, breathtaking atmosphere of Portofino.

Location: Rotuma

2018 Easter Bunny Trail

The Easter Bunny has lost his eggs, and he needs everyone's help to find them! He's dropped 22 prize-filled eggs along the trail home, and there's a special final prize for those who help out a lot. Visitors are encouraged to explore the Easter-themed areas as they enjoy their hunt for eggs. All donations received during the event will go to The Little Engine Who Can organization in support of local autism charities! The 2018 Easter Bunny Trail event ends April 4.

Location: Aquamarine Island

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The National Museum of Caledon

The National Museum of Caledon is a lovely venue in the steampunk-heart of Caledon. The museum features monthly exhibits of art, photographs, writings, miniature builds and more. Everyone is welcome to explore the beautiful grounds of the museum, or relax and enjoy a drink on the patio.

Location: Caledon II

La Maison d'Aneli

La Maison d'Anali is a gallery designed to expose all forms of creative exploration. The gallery hosts the service and talents of many artists, so that everyone can enjoy a wonderful, thought-provoking experience. Everyone is encouraged to meet the artists, discuss their thoughts, and enjoy visiting with one another.

Location: Virtual Holland