Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Kingdoms of Giliath

Welcome to Giliath, a world like no other. Will you enter in and discover your liaisons with the light or the darkness? Will you follow the paths that the ancients once walked? Will you learn to cast the magics that were handed down through the generations? Are you worthy to sing the song of the blade? This is your choice. Adventurer, what will it be? Choose wisely.

Medieval  with other subtle influences.  A fun Rp environment. Write your own story! Elves. Elven. Elf. Drow. Sidhe. Hobbit. Dragon.Rentals. RolePlay Environment. Jousting. Arena. RP. Nobility. Pirates. Boat tour. Meter. No-Meter.

The Kingdom of Giliath - Medieval RP Realm, Ithil ar Giliath - Moderate