Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Prehistorica, the Dawn Kingdoms

Journey back in time to the age when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Explore mist-shrouded jungles, smoldering volcanoes and the sunlit seas of a forgotten prehistoric world. Encounter its majestic and deadly denizens or become a dinosaur yourself and experience the Second Life you never imagined as a Triceratops, Apatosaurus, Velociraptor, or even the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex!

HERE BE DRAGONS! Explore a primal wilderness of prehistoric adventure! Ride dinos or BECOME one of our DINOSAUR and *new* DRAGON avatars! THE "Jurassic" time travel experience!
/*Windlight Sky @ 1400m to 3200m: "Ghost" Sky @ 1000m to 5000m: "Midday"*/

Prehistorica ~ The Dawn Kingdoms ~ Dinosaur  & Dragon Avatars!, Fort Nowhere - Moderate

A message from the sim owner:

Welcome to our sim! I hope you enjoy our Museum Store and the Prehistoric Zones.

Please browse the Exhibits by using the panels to rez the dinosaur displays you'd like to look at. You may also purchase avatars from any of the Holovend display panels at the exhibits, or from the main vendors at the top of the stairs.

**PLEASE NOTE: You will need to accept Experience permissions to use our teleporters and the Time Machine!**

To explore the Prehistorica worlds, follow the signs to the Time Machine and walk into the portal when it appears! Once in the Time Vortex, simply walk into any portal you find interesting to travel to that zone. There you can explore, meet our dinosaur bots, or even ride a Gallimimus, Pteranodon or Plesiosaurus!

To ensure a pleasant experience for yourself, our other visitors and sim residents, please read the rules below thoroughly. Any questions or comments should be sent via NOTECARD to Wanders Nowhere with the words "FORT NOWHERE" contained in the subject line.

Please DO NOT contact me via IM, as my IMs are frequently capped and you will most likely not receive an answer.

Yours faithfully,

            Wanders Nowhere.

The following activites are not permitted anywhere on the sim:

1. Automated security will EJECT AND BAN anyone using PHYS WEAPONS or VEHICLES for 48 hours. If your ban was accidental, contact us via the attached notecard.

2. GRIEFING and SPAM - Including gestures, particles, scripts, or rezzed objects causing lag or disruption.

3. SEX ACTS - Accidental or partial nudity is acceptable, graphic nudity, display of sex organ attachments, sexual activities etc is not.

4. EXCESSIVE NOISE - Music players, walkers, gesture spam, et cetera. Animal roars such as those of dinosaurs, dragons, and other beasts are a natural exception!

5. ADVERTISING and SOLICITING - Spamming advertising or soliciting private sales, begging for L$ on sim, in private message or in the group chat.

6. SIM STAFF - All authorised sim staff are listed on the CONTACT board in the Time Machine room. Impersonating sim staff will result in a permanent ban.

7. DISPUTES and HARRASSMENT - Dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If a dispute is disrupting the peace of the sim, you will be asked to take it to IM. If a disruptive dispute continues, all individuals involved will be removed from the sim. Serious cases will be reported.


* The Dawn Kingdoms shop, Time Machine room and Mesozoic world are free to access by all of our customers and visitors.
* The other main areas of the sim are for sim residents only.  Refrain from using sit hacks, flight enhancers or other methods to reach these areas.
* Guided tours of the other areas are available upon request.



* Dinosaur avatars are encouraged!     
* But you may wear whatever you like within reason.
* Be aware that your activities may affect other visitors' experience & immersion.
* When visiting areas other than the shop, please remember the theme of our areas.
* No graphic nudity or sexually explicit attachments.
* Common sense and good taste are the general rule.


Roleplay is absolutely welcome in our sims! But please remember that this is not primarily a roleplay sim and there is no official roleplay setting in effect. If you wish to RP, please observe the following rules.

* There are no official RP groups, RP rules, or RP cliques.
* Many of our visitors are casual explorers and aren't here to participate in RP.
* Please be aware of individual boundaries when RPing and restrict your roleplay activities to friends or consenting individuals.
* Sexual content is prohibited as above. We're a dinosaur sim, people, we get actual kids, parents and teachers visiting.
* Use of HUDs and scripted effects (including Bloodlines and other similar huds) that cause lag or irritation to our visitors and residents is prohibited.
* Please respect the content and theme of our areas.



Our sim has a 10 minute auto-return; please be aware of this when rezzing objects. Objects causing griefing or excessive lag may be returned or deleted with impunity.
**** ********************************************************************
Prehistorica: the Dawn Kingdoms is a public sim for exploration and adventure. PREHISTORICA: THE DAWN KINGDOMS and THE NOWHERE FOLK are the official sim groups. No other group or faction has authority within the sim, and no individuals save for the sim staff listed on the CONTACT board have any special privileges. Visitors of all forms and kinds are welcomed to our sim with open arms, but cliques, harassment, bullying and drama will never be welcome here. Enjoy your exploration of the Mesozoic world!