Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Dark Moon Party

You are cordially invited to join us on DARK MOON tonight @ 7 pm SLT when VOODOO SHILTON commandeers The Mothership on her final voyage.  It's the Annual Calas Halloween Ball & we hope to see you here!  Formal OR Costume Attire is requested!  This will not only be the last event on The Mothership, but it is the last chance for you to explore.  DARK MOON closes tomorrow!  Personal scripts of 100 or less, please EREBOR (192,153,26)
[19:11] Alicia Underby: Or go to OZ! ARMENELOS (138,132,3598)

We're at the halfway point of our Halloween Ball with Voodoo Shilton on the Dark Moon Mothership, so you have plenty of time to join us!  Take this shuttle to where the party is!  EREBOR (192,153,26)  The sim  is packed, so if you prefer,  you can also hear Voo at OZ Nighclub!  Truck is there "hosting" and waiting for you!  |I{•------» Have you missed any of our shows?  Check out the videos on our Vimeo channel:      https://vimeo.com/calasgaladhonpark