Friday, November 3, 2017


Why was this New England coastal town abandoned in the 1930s? Perhaps the giant sea-monster emerging from the south ocean might be the answer. Nevertheless, Innsmouth remains a dark, damp place with perpetual rain and ruined buildings well worth exploring.

The smell of the sea took on ominous implications...  [reaching] the crest and beheld the outspread valley beyond, where the Manuxet joins the sea just north of the long line of cliffs that culminate in Kingsport Head... On the far, misty horizon I could just make out the dizzy profile of the Head, topped by the queer ancient house of which so many legends are told; but for the moment all my attention was captured by the nearer panorama just below me. I had, I realised, come face to face with rumour-shadowed Innsmouth.'

Nothin’  nothin’  the colour , it burns  cold an’ wet  but it burns . it lived in the well . I seen it. a kind o’ smoke  jest like the flowers last spring. the well shone at night. Thad an’ Mernie an’ Zenas. everything alive  suckin’ the life out of everything in that stone  it must a’ come in that stone  pizened the whole place. dun’t know what it wants that round thing them men from the college dug outen the stone. they smashed it  it was that same colour  jest the same, like the flowers an’ plants. must a’ ben more of ’em. seeds .. seeds .. they growed. I seen it the fust time this week. must a’ got strong on Zenas. he was a big boy, full o’ life. it beats down your mind an’ then gits ye. burns ye up .. in the well water .. you was right about that. evil water. Zenas never come back from the well. can’t git away. draws ye. ye know summ’at’s comin’, but ’tain’t no use. I seen it time an’ agin senct Zenas was took. whar’s Nabby, Ammi? my head’s no good.