Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Pandora Resort

Pandora Resort is an exotic island resort located just off the coast of India. This hidden paradise is a fun, warmth and relaxing experience filled with wildlife and adventure.

An exotic island resort just off the coast to India is open to cater to the needs of fun, warmth and relaxing experience exposed to vivid lush wildlife and other hidden paradise.

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Pandora Resort ~ Namaste, Hurricane - Moderate

Welcome to Pandora Resort~Namaste!


  • Do not accept any gift cards, gift items from unknown avatars. Only website links will be given in Pandora Resort by objects.
  • Please give Pandora Resort a chance to rez in your screen fully before exploring especially if this is your first visit.
  • Turn on windlight, music, sound and ambient for immersive experience.
  • No nudity or flying around the sim.
  •  Share your photos to our flickr group: Pandora Resort~ Namaste
  • There will be ban lines around rental parcels to provide privacy to our renters. Public areas are open for everyone to explore and enjoy.
  • Read our complete guidelines and available rental information from our website.
  • Contact  Sapphire Jewel (sapphirejolla) or  Mιzα -Ƈυρcαкє- ƲєяƖαcк  (mizaki) for any issues or more information.

 Enjoy your Stay!